Collection: Order Swatches

You may want to see how our Signature Collection fabrics look and feel in the design scheme of your home.

The Signature Collection features a carefully chosen selection of fabrics from the Kingcome house range. Here you can order up to six swatches of those selected fabrics from the Kingcome house range, free of charge.

If you’re ordering furniture from outside of the Signature Collection, please contact us directly by phone or mail to request samples of your preferred fabrics from the wider Colefax Group range.

Order Swatches


  • White Boucle

    Sample: White Boucle


  • Ivory Twill

    Sample: Ivory Twill
  • Beige Twill

    Sample: Beige Twill
  • Bone Twill

    Sample: Bone Twill
  • Aqua Twill

    Sample: Aqua Twill
  • Navy Twill

    Sample: Navy Twill

Linen Herringbone

  • Cream Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Cream Linen Herringbone
  • Natural Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Natural Linen Herringbone
  • Silver Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Silver Linen Herringbone
  • Aqua Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Aqua Linen Herringbone
  • Old Blue Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Old Blue Linen Herringbone
  • Red Linen Herringbone

    Sample: Red Linen Herringbone


  • Beige Herringbone

    Sample: Beige Herringbone
  • Sand Herringbone

    Sample: Sand Herringbone
  • Aqua Herringbone

    Sample: Aqua Herringbone
  • Tapestry Blue Herringbone

    Sample: Tapestry Blue Herringbone
  • Sage Herringbone

    Sample: Sage Herringbone
  • Forest Herringbone

    Sample: Forest Herringbone
  • Red Herringbone

    Sample: Red Herringbone


  • Creme Chenille

    Sample: Creme Chenille
  • Pearl Chenille

    Sample: Pearl Chenille
  • Pale Grey Chenille

    Sample: Pale Grey Chenille
  • Old Blue Chenille

    Sample: Old Blue Chenille
  • Midnight Chenille

    Sample: Midnight Chenille
  • Leaf Chenille

    Sample: Leaf Chenille


  • White Linen

    Sample: White Linen
  • Fawn Linen

    Sample: Fawn Linen
  • Clay Linen

    Sample: Clay Linen
  • Indigo Linen

    Sample: Indigo Linen
  • Cedar Linen

    Sample: Cedar Linen
  • Wood Linen

    Sample: Wood Linen
  • Spice Linen

    Sample: Spice Linen


  • Cream Velvet

    Sample: Cream Velvet
  • Stone Velvet

    Sample: Stone Velvet
  • Taupe Velvet

    Sample: Taupe Velvet
  • Aqua Velvet

    Sample: Aqua Velvet
  • Dark Blue Velvet

    Sample: Dark Blue Velvet
  • Cactus Velvet

    Sample: Cactus Velvet
  • Khaki Velvet

    Sample: Khaki Velvet
  • Copper Velvet

    Sample: Copper Velvet
  • Camel Velvet

    Sample: Camel Velvet
  • Turmeric Cotton

    Sample: Turmeric Cotton


  • Oatmeal Cotton

    Sample: Oatmeal Cotton
  • Pebble Cotton

    Sample: Pebble Cotton
  • Gunmetal Cotton

    Sample: Gunmetal Cotton
  • Pale Blue Cotton

    Sample: Pale Blue Cotton
  • Midnight Cotton

    Sample: Midnight Cotton
  • Dark Lime Cotton

    Sample: Dark Lime Cotton